Friday, November 19, 2010


We are having a Fall Sale 15% off EVERYTHING!!! Thats right it's not a miss print...15% off Services, Repairs and Products...even House Calls. Come in and take a look at the product we carry. Have nice weekend...see you on Monday.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The 'Dirt' on dirty computers

The accumulation of dust, hair, and other particulates inside your computer is inevitable. This is due to the cooling fans located inside. It is not a reflection of your housekeeping but must be addressed and cleaned. As the pictures at Dirty Computers portray, these particulates can build up over time. These pictures are characteristic of extreme neglect. Most users do not even realize that this is a maintenance issue. Some people do know that the system needs to be cleaned but try to do it with vacuum cleaners or compressed air. That sounds like a good idea but, in reality, you are chancing serious damage because air, rushing across the boards causes static electricity. This static electricity can and HAS shorted out motherboards, CPUs, and any number of other components.

Korvan's Korner has years of experience and will do a much more thorough and safe cleaning for a minor cost (Click on "Some of our Services" on the left of our webpage page for pricing). Our cleaning process includes ALL system components including the inside of the power supply, in and around the drive bays, and the careful cleaning of the CPU, heatsink, and fan. We check your cooling components for signs of wear and impending failure.

All this for a low, affordable cost. Bring your PC into us TODAY!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

We will re-open on Tuesday, September 7th at 9:00am.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Computer Security

We have been asked this question many times, "What is the best Security Program for my computer". It can definitely be confusing. They all claim to be the Best at protecting your computer from viruses. David and Alan are in the process of testing some of the more popular of these programs. The testing is done "Out of the Box" meaning; the program is installed using the default settings. Our testing has shown that of these programs; 1.Webroot, 2. CA, 3. Kapersky, 4. Norton, and tied for 5th place is AVG and McAfee. We hope that this will help you when you’re deciding on a security program for your PC. If you have any questions on how we have come to these conclusions post them. We look forward to your questions.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Thunder Storms

If you are worried about your electronics being protected during a storm. We recomend purchacing a UPS to protect any electronics such as your computer, tv, stereo system, refrigerator, etc. A UPS is designed to protect your equipment from a power surge or a lightning storm . The UPS that we recomend is a Green Power UPS with a lifetime guarantee and up to $100,000 of connected equipment. Come in or give us a call at: (315)589-8759 if you are interested in this product or any other computer equipment. We can also be reached via e-mail at:

Friday, July 30, 2010

Be Aware

Last night around 10:30pm after I had gone to bed I got a phone call on my cell. I thought it was from my daughter who was still out. I never looked to see who the call was from. The call was from my (supposed) bank reguaring fraudulent charges that had been made. So of course I started to get concerned. I was asked to press 1 for more information. So I did thinking that I would talk to a real person. Of course i never did. Then I was disconected. The number was still on my phone (710). I tried to call the number back but, it could not be completed as dialed. Imagine my surprise. I decided to check my bank accounts for any weird activity. Just in case. Yea, everything looked good. I just wanted you to be aware of this and the possibility of a scam.

If anything like this has happened to you or someone you know post it. It's nice to be informed.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm Back

HI, I know it's been a while since my last post but, I'm back and ready to chat. We have been busy at work and at home. Our daughter just graduated. So then comes the grad party. For all of the parents that have survived you know what I'm talking about. I for one am glad it's done.

Now for the business side. We have noticed an increase in virus activity. If you think your computer has a virus turn it off right away and give us a call. Remember to bring in our 10% off coupon located in the back of the Haines phone book (Ontario & Wayne Counties).

If you have any questions for our knowledgeable IT staff don't hesitate to post them.